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Deck Cleaning and Sealing Services

Wood is a beautiful material to use for outdoor living spaces, but it naturally weathers over time. Without sufficient protection from the elements, your home’s exterior wood surfaces can fade and dry, allowing dirt, grime, and mold to accumulate on the surface and in the cracks and crevices.

When your wood surfaces look worse for wear, it can deter you from going outside when the weather is nice. Don’t stay inside or spend time sitting out on a dirty deck or patio, surrounded by a filthy fence. Regular wood pressure washing can clean the dirt and grime off of the surface, restoring their appearance and extending the life of your wood surfaces.

At Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin, we specialize in pressure washing services that can deep clean your deck, fence, and other wood surfaces to have them looking brand new in no time. We believe that wood pressure washing is an art, and if done incorrectly, could damage the surface even more. That’s why we have our signature 3-step process that effectively cleans your deck and fence and seals them for protection.

Our 3-step process:

• Pre-Soak Foam: Our eco-friendly pre-soak foam gently but efficiently breaks down the dirt and grime build-up.
• Power Clean: Once the unwanted particles are loosened up, we pressure wash the wood surface to clean them away.
• Protective finish: We then apply a sealant that helps protect your wood surfaces from future damage.
You can count on Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin for all your deck and fence pressure washing needs.

Deck Cleaning and Sealing Services

When your wooden deck looks discolored and worn down with age, there’s no need to spend a fortune replacing the wooden slabs. With professional pressure washing services, your deck can look brand new in no time! Pressure washing can remove years’ worth of dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, effectively restoring its wood surface.

At Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin, our high-quality deck cleaning services will effectively wash away the dirt and grime on your wooden deck using our 3-step pressure washing process that will restore it to like-new condition. An inexperienced power washing job might strip and permanently damage the wood surface, but our deck cleaning process gently removes the unwanted contaminants for a heavy-duty clean. Once your deck is sparkling and clean, we will apply a protective sealant to the surface that will protect your deck from harsh elements for years to come, effectively extending its life.

Don’t stay cooped up inside because your deck doesn’t look appealing. Enjoy the outdoors on your newly-cleaned deck.

Fence Cleaning and Sealing Services

Like other exterior wood surfaces, your wooden fence is vulnerable to harsh outdoor elements that can chip or dull the paint and encourage dirt and mold to accumulate on the surface. Don’t let your fence weaken and wear down with age. Giving your fence a proper pressure wash will have it looking brand new, improving the appearance of your yard and boosting curb appeal. Not to mention, a long-lasting clean will extend your fence’s life.

At Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin, our fence cleaning services can restore your fence to its former glory and protect it for years to come. An inexperienced power washing job can gouge and destroy your wood fence, but our pre-soak foam and controlled pressure washing spray will gently but effectively remove and rinse away the mold, dirt, and grime. Our expert team will give your fence the heavy-duty clean it needs and then apply a protective sealant so that your fence can better withstand the elements for years to come.

Don’t let your fence wither with age, and don’t spend a fortune trying to replace it. Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin’s high-quality fence cleaning services will pressure wash and seal your fence for a long-lasting clean that will keep for fence fresh for years.

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With professional pressure washing services, you can add years to your deck and fence, all while improving the appearance of your home and yard. At Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin, we perform high-quality fence cleaning and deck cleaning services in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hudson, and surrounding areas that will revive the look and feel of your wood surfaces.

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